Legacy Giving

The Center for Practical Bioethics has always relied on people like you who care about ethical issues in health and healthcare.

Legacy giving, also known as planned or deferred giving, is a powerful tool for ensuring that your values and beliefs live on. They also provide immediate benefits, such as increased current income, reduced income tax liability and avoidance of capital gains tax.

You can designate the Center as a beneficiary of your estate by:

  1. Specifying monetary, stock or real estate gifts

  2. Stipulating a percentage or remainder of your estate

  3. Designating the Center as the beneficiary of your life insurance, annuity, IRA or retirement instruments.

For more information about making a Legacy Society gift, or if you have designated the Center as a beneficiary, please contact John G. Carney, President and CEO, at

jcarney@PracticalBioethics.org  or  816-979-1353.

Corporate Integrity and Corporate Relationships

Since its founding in 1984, the Center has committed to professional integrity in the conduct of its business and in its relationships with all those with whom it works. As a free standing, unaffiliated nonprofit corporation, the Center strives to preserve and maintain its autonomy and independence at all times and in all respects.

Center for Practical Bioethics

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