Community Supporters

We are grateful to our many generous donors.  This list includes donors from January 1, 2017 through February 15, 2018.  We have made every effort to include each donor, and we apologize for any errors.

Please contact Cindy Leyland, Director of Program Operations, at (816) 979-1357 or if your name has been accidentally omitted.

Phyllis and Erwin Abrams
Titilayo and Abiodun Akinwuntan
Samer Alkhuja, M.D.
Jamie Allen
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
American Century Foundation
American Century Investments
Clay and Michelle Anderson
Aynsley J. Anderson Sosinski
Barbara and Raymond Andrews
The Andrews Family Foundation
Ann Allegre, M.D.
Ann and Bill Howie
Barbara Ashe
Charlene Atkins
Barbara and William Atkinson
Jennifer G. Bacon
Mark Barkman
Kay Barnes
Neil Barnett
Peggy and Andrew Beal
James and Judith Beck
Judy and John Bellome
Robert J. Belt, M.D.
Patricia and Ron Benjamin
Andy Berkley
Bert Berkley
Maureen and Bill Berkley
Renee Berry
Irene Bettinger, M.D.
Sandra Bibb
Joan D. Biblo
Bickford Senior Living
Erin and Andrew Billingsley
Miranda Bishara
Black Health Care Coalition
Phil Black, M.D.
Mary Beth and Mike Blake
Dana Bledsoe
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
BMO Harris Bank
Harvey Bodker
Barbara and Rene Bollier
Cathy Boomer
Dr. John P. Borden and Peg Borden
John and Marjorie Bott
Debra Box
Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management
Linda and Gus Breytspraak
Nancy Brown
Patricia A. Brown
Bryan Cave, LLP
Maggie Buckley
Charlotte Budding and Rick DeWald
Carol and Stanley Buller
Vicky and Roger Burnett
Richard E. Butin, M.D.
Helen and David Emmott
Largo and John Callenbach
Hwi-Ja Canda
Patrick Cantilo
Dianne and John Carney
Peter Carney
Brian and Shea Carter
Cerner Corporation
Jan Chambers
Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics
BK Christopher
Myra and Truman Christopher
Monte Coffman
Donna Gould Cohen
Ambassador Allan Katz and Nancy Cohn
ComfortCare Homes
Commerce Bank of Kansas City
Kevin Connor
Ann J. Corley
Country Club Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Glendon Cox
Suzanne C. Crandall
Crossroads Hospice of Kansas City
Karren and Thomas Crouch
Timothea and Darrin D'Agostino
Patricia and Dean Davison
Michelle DeCicco
Monica and Keith Delles
Dianne Derge
Diamond Merckens Hogan Inc.
Kirk H. Doan
Nick and Lynn Douthat
Jennifer Draper
Betty and William Drees
Larry Driver, M.D.
Janet and Daniel Dubrava
Dunn Family Foundation
Pat and Mark Eckhart
Debbie Sosland-Edelman and Alan Edelman
Drew Edmondson
Mary and George Edwards
Leslie Mark and Mark Eisemann
Dorothy Elliott
Alan E. Elton
Jan and Dave Evans
Connie Fahey
Atterbury Family Foundation
Sheryl A. Feutz-Harter
Cynthia Fieser
James Firman
Lyndia and George Flanagan
Four Hats Creative, LLC
Bartimus Frickleton Robertson
SuEllen and Harvey Fried
Barbara Friedmann
Susan C. Fry, RN
Betse M. Gage and William M. Chase
Trudi Galblum
Patricia and Charles Garney
Karen and Mike Garrison
James and Gretchen Gearin
Tom and Rhonda Gerke
Barbara and John Gilbert
Perri Ginder
Douglas and Susan Girod
Robert Givens
Global Prairie
Betty L. Goolsbee
Steve Gorny
Gary Goscha
Richard Green
Kathy J. Greenlee and Deborah Merrill
Griggs Family Foundation
Mary Gunter
Susie Haake
Gail Hackett
Amy Haddad, Ph.D.
Carol Hafeman, RN
Don Hall
Laura and David Hall
The Hall Family Foundation
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Susan Hammer
Laura Hanson, M.D.
John and Wauna Harman Foundation
Carolyn Harrison
Hartley Family Foundation
HCA Midwest Division
Helen and David Emmott
Leslie Herman
Cathy and Joe Hiersteiner
Lesli Hill
Rev. Robert L. Hill
Ellen and Irvine Hockaday
Kathy and Michael Hockley
Christina and Sean Hogan
Lesley and Peter Holt
Hospice Foundation of America
Hospice of the Valley
Ann and Bill Howie
Terrie Huntington
Jodi K. Jackson
Anne and Mike Jacobs
Alicia and William Jennings
John Knox Village
Becky J. Johnson
Pam Johnson, M.D.
Harry S. Jonas
Richard L. Jungck
Deborah Kaercher
Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Ellen S. Karp
Eva and Jeffrey Karp
Donna Katz
Kim and Leroy Kimminau
Joyce Kinney
Paula Kitt
Dena Klein
Angie Knackstedt
William G. Kraybill
Jan and Thomas Kreamer
Drs. Maria Kunstadter and Michael Sigler
Amy and Timothy Lair
Don Lambert
Tom and Jennifer Laming
Audrey and A. C. Langworthy
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Lee's Summit Hospital Medical Staff
M. M. Leinwetter, DO
Cindy and Dave Leyland
Liberty Hospital
Michael Lightbody
Carmen Lile-Henley
Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.
Georgia Loescher-Junge
Brenda Lofton
Dorothy Lohmeyer
Jane and Charles Lombard
Patricia A. Lorenz
Lowenstein Family Supporting Foundation
Amy Lozier
Ray Makalous
Carl E. Martin
Kelley Martin
Susan and Richard Mattingly
Michael N. May
The Mayday Fund
McBride, Lock & Associates
Cassidy McCrite
Fawn McDonough
McGuireWoods LLP
McLarney Foundation Fund
Leslie McNolty and Jeremy Garrett
Patricia Meier, M.D.
Robert Meneilly
MetroCARE of Greater Kansas City
Midwest Transplant Network
Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation
Karen L. Miller
Minds Matter, LLC
Missouri Delta Medical Center
Missouri Humanities Council
Karin and Richard Morgan
Morgan Family Foundation
Stefanie Montgomery Morsches
Mosaic Life Care
Alana Muller and Marc Hammer
Chaplain Charles and Dawn Murphy
Janice Myers and Carl M. Myers
David Nagel
Susan Seidler Nerman
Cathy and Ron Neville
Sharon G. Newman
Monica Nofal
Maureen and George Noonan
North Kansas City Hospital
Craig S. O'Dear
Joshana and Stefan Offenbach
Robert K. Page
Park University
Linda and George Parkins
Anne and Craig Patterson
Terrie and Richard Payne
Dawn and Douglas Peete
Pesto Law Firm
Ray Petty
The Pew Charitable Trusts
John R. Phillips
Tara Pierce
Matthew Pjecha
Polsinelli PC
Paula and Clay Porsch
Mary Jo Powell
Janet Price
Shirley Pryor
Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics Matching Gifts Program
Julie L. Quirin
Pat and Allen Rawitch
Research Medical Center - Medical Staff
Jama Rice and Carl Budke
Henry Riffe
Jay and Mary Riseman
Robb and Robb LLC Charitable Foundation
Steve Roling
Ruth and Tarris Rosell
Roberta and Larry Rosen
Jane and Larry Rues
Carol Sader
Saint Luke's Health System
Saint Luke's Hospital - Medical Staff
Phyllis and Stephen Salanski
Salina Regional Health Center
Gail Ann Schultis
Sally Schwab
Howard I. Schwartz, M.D.
Seigfreid Bingham
Shawnee Mission Health
Shawnee Mission Health - Medical Staff
Marny and John Sherman
Susann Shinkle, RN, MN
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Kelly Simari
SJ Pain Associates
Peter Sloan
Mary Sormanti
Sosland Foundation
Dennis P. Sosna
Cindy Spaeth
Victor E. Speas Foundation, Bank of America-Trustee
Spencer Fane
Jim and Lisa Spigarelli
Mary Ann and Randy St. Clair
St. Joseph Medical Center
Carol and James Stanford
Edward M. Stevens
Edward S. Stevens and Jenny Atterbury
Brent A. Stewart
Sandra and Stephen Stites
Kathy Stone
Stormont-Vail HealthCare
Stowers Foundation
A Store called stuff
Carin and Roger Stutz, III
Helen K. Sullivan
Mary P. Sullivan
Angela and Charles Sunderland
Sunflower Foundation
Sunflower Neonatology Associates, LLC
Marvin Szneler
Linda Hood Talbott
Ann and Harvey Tettlebaum
Tina and Claude Thau
Noreen Thompson
Tim Tiegreen
Becky and James Tilden
Nancy Tilson-Mallett and Grant W. Mallett
Liza and Guy Townsend
Earl J. and Leona K. Tranin Special Fund
Barbara and John Travis
Debbie and Steve Trenton
True Blue Women, Inc.
Truman Medical Center, Inc.
Sharon and Samuel Turner
Lisa and Darryl Uffelmann
Patricia W. Uhlmann
UMKC - University of Missouri-Kansas City
UMKC School of Law
United States Cancer Pain Relief Committee
University of Kansas - School of Health Professions
University of Kansas Health System
University of Kansas Medical Center
University of Kansas Medical Center - Landon Center on Aging
University of Kansas Medical School - School of Nursing
Gerald Uppman
Rocky Valentine
Mary Valla
Milanka Van Osdol
VNA Corporation
Judy Waechter
Marcia K. Walsh
Linda and Terry Ward
Julie and David Warm
Mary and Curt Watkins
Jo Ann and Ronald Weber
Holly and Lynn Webster
Karren Weichert
Helen and Frank Wewers
Jason White
Gerald Wilmes, M.D.
Gene Wilson
Lucia D. Wocial
Janet Woulfe
Barbara and John Yeast
Kimi Yokoyama

Endowed Chairs at the Center for Practical Bioethics

John B. Francis Chair in Bioethics
The Francis Family Foundation

Kathleen M. Foley Chair for Pain and Palliative Care
BK Christopher
Purdue Pharma, LP
Tarris Rosell
Linda and Terry Ward


Adams-Gabbert & Associates, Inc.
Phil Allen
Dr. and Mrs. James Anthony
Barbara and Gary Ashe
Peggy Baker
George and Noel Barrett
Jim Bartimus
Joanie and Joseph Bauman
Judy and James M. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Belden
Judith Ann Bellome
Robert T. Belt, MD
Nancy and Jerry Beltramo
Patricia and Ron Benjamin
Joan and Bert Berkley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beyer
Joan Dolan Biblo
Dr. Phil Black
Donna Blackwood
Joan and Pete Blair
Mary Beth and Mike Blake
Tom Boling
Drs. Rene and Barbara Bollier
Marcel Bollier
Boston Financial Data Services, Inc.
Cathy Boyer-Shesol
Regina Brandt, CSJ
Linda and Gus Breytspraak
Mary Breed Brink
Patricia Ann Brown
Kate and Peter Brown
June Carbone and William Black
John and Dianne Carney
Marilyn Chamberlin
Andi Chatburn
Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics
Brian H. Childs
BK Christopher
Myra and Truman Christopher
Carol Cleveland
Julie and Kevin Clifford
Lawrence and Donna Gould Cohen
Copaken Family Foundation
Thomas B. Coulter
Judith C. Crane
Nancy Crigger
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crooker
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Crouch
Cathy R. Crumrine
Dr. Barry Daneman
Don Davidson
Eleanor and Richard Dawson
DeVry University
DST Systems, Inc.
Kirk Duncan
Dunn Family Foundation
Elizabeth Ecton
William Eggers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Eisler, Jr.
John L. Ellis
Helen and David Emmott
Sister Mary Essert
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - Matching Gifts Program
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
Susan Fenner
Daniel and Candace Flanigan
Lori Foley
Joanne and Joseph Forgue
Elaine Frank-Ragan
Robert G. Frazier
SuEllen and Harvey Fried
Patty Garney
Nelda Godfrey
Sally Goldenbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Matt Gratton
Marian J. Gray
Catherine Green
Mary Louise Greene
Carol Hafeman
Mary C. Hale
Cynthia and Bob Hanson
Laura Hanson
Marie Harris
Susie and Spence Heddens
Barbara Heimes
Mr. and Mrs. George Hendon
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Henry
Carolyn Hernandez
Cathy and Joe Hiersteiner
Jean and Walter Hiersteiner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine O. Hockaday
Janet and Jim Holmes
Ann and Bill Howie
LaNora and Larry Hughes
Mamie Hughes
Sharon and Tristram Hunt
Terrie Huntington
Nabeeha Hutchins
John Ingram
Kathy Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Jantz
Jazz for Good
Vivien Jennings
Linda Johnson
Thomas and Rhetta Johnston
Dr. Harry S. Jonas
Jackie Kampmann
Gordon R. Kelley
Patricia Kelley
Linda Kerby
Joyce Kinney
Angie Knackstedt
Jerry Kolb
Shirlee and C. Ronald Koons
Eileen Krause
Jan and Tom Kreamer
Maureen and Joseph Kronawitter
Whitey Kuhn
Diane and Lorell LaBoube
Martha Montello and John Lantos
Carrie and David Lapin
Marilyn and Gerald Lee
Shirley and Eugene Leibson
Dr. Wayne and Susan Letizia
Rabbi Mark Levin
Cindy and Dave Leyland
Dr. Tim Link
Betty Livers
Kim Logan
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Long
Patricia A. Lorenz, CSJ
Ruth Margolin
Sr. Loretto Marie
Kate Marshall
Janet McCall
Dr. and Mrs. Don L. McCandless
Ann and Tom McCord
Sharon and Tom McCullough
Tom and Jean McDonnell
Thomas F. McGee, Jr.
Caroline and Rob McKnight
Jarrett and Margaret Peery-McLaughlin
Doug and Cecelia McNair
Bill Pfeiffer and Mary Kay McPhee
Mary Ann Meeks
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Meneilly
Carroll and John Michaels
Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation
Bernadette and Dick Miller
Bob Miller
Karen and Clay Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Ludlow Miller
Karen L. Miller
Teesha Miller
Kate Mitchell
Theresa and Scott Montgomery
Karin and Richard Morgan
Andrea Nelson
Cathy and Ron Neville
Brian Niehoff
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O’Brien
Bob and Mary Jo O’Byrne
O’Connor Foundation
Drs. Mary and George O’Connor
Julie and Tom O’Connor
Mary O’Connor
Stefan and Joshana Offenbach
Dr. and Mrs. John O’Hearne
Pat Oppenheimer
Anne and Craig Patterson
Louis & Cynthia Peters
Bonnie and Pete Peterson
Polsinelli Shughart
Polsky Family Supporting Foundation
Paula and Clay Porsch
E. Wynn and Andrea Presson
Carolyn and Robert Reintjes
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Rick, Jr.
Elaine Riordan
Drs. Gerald Early and Shauna Roberts
Judi and Steve Roling
Charles Romero
Ruth and Terry Rosell
Carol Rotert
Fr. Norman Rotert
David Rudman
Jane and Larry Rues
Saint Luke’s Health System
Saint Luke’s Hospital - Medical Staff
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Salanski
Mike Sancho
Michael Sanders
Marilyn Schaeffer
Marilyn A. Schmidt
Kolette Schneider
Sister Ann Schorfheide, CSJ
Beck and Bob Schubert
Sally Schwab
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Schwegler
Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Judith Sholes
Dianne Shumaker
Paul K. Shumaker
Frank Sickel
Jim Silber
Marjorie Sirridge
Sisters of Carondelet - St. Louis
Sisters of Charity Leavenworth Motherhouse
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System
Annette and Tim Small
Beth K. Smith
Tracy Smith and Dick Vogel
Amy Jurevic Sokol
Lucille and Alfred Sondern
Lindsay and Peter Sowden
Cindy and Nick Spaeth
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert Spalding, Jr.
Cynthia J. Spear
St. Joseph Medical Center
St. Joseph Medical Center - Medical Staff
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stanford
Helen Rutte Stefanov
Larry Steiner
Edward Stevens
Jill and Terry Stevens
Judy and Jim Stoddard
Sue Storey
Jo and John Stueve
Eleanor J. Sullivan
Kathryn W. Sullivan
Mary Patricia Sullivan
Chaplain Evelyn Summers
Diane Swanson
Joan Tamburini
Cathleen Taylor-Osborne
Claude Thau
The Foundation for Hospice Care
Jackie Thomas
Sonya and Shawn Thomas
Barbara Thornton
Pasquale and Joan Trozzolo
Kay and Gary Truitt
Barbara Ann Tull
Philip and Maura Tull
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Turner, Sr.
Hans Uffelmann
Mary and Bruce Van Cleave
Rosmarie von Rumker, ScD
Sally and Dennis von Waaden
Marcia K. Walsh
Linda and Terry Ward
Mary and Curt Watkins
Jill Watt
Traci and Jamie Weishaar
Andrea and Keith Weisz
Karen Wiederaenders
Arthur N. Wilkins
Peg Wisner
Lucia D. Wocial
Pam and Mark Woodard
JoEllen Wurth
David Wysong
Barbara and John Yeast
Mary Zeller
Teresa John Zilch, CSJ
Catherine Rutte Zolnowski

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