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Pandemic Webinar Series and COVID Ethics Updates


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Saying the Distant Goodbye During COVID-19: African American Religious and Spiritual Perspectives (May 28)

COVID19 Series

In this webinar, we will discuss spiritual and religious implications of not being present when loved ones pass away or are funeralized.  As we are aware, this experience affects Black and Brown communities more due to increased rates of diagnosis and death from COVID-19.

  • Gloria Thomas Anderson, Ph.D. LMSW
    Advance Care Planning Expert and Author
    The African-American Spiritual and
    Ethical Guide to End-of-Life Care & Toolkit

    Dr. Gloria Anderson is a university professor, author, and advance care planning expert, whose own story of a near-death experience from a life-threatening illness inspires many patients, families and caregivers who find themselves or a loved one dealing with challenging healthcare decisions.

    Gloria is also a licensed social worker and holds an interdisciplinary doctorate degree and her research involves cultural responsiveness in urban-based social work, healthcare equity at end-of-life, and spirituality in the workplace.

    She is the author of The African-American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End-of-Life Care, a culturally sensitive booklet that offers people of color helpful information for healthcare decision-making on advance care planning and end-of-life care options.

  • Chris L. Brady, MDiv, ThM
    Pastor of Wilson Temple
    North Carolina

    Reverend Brady serves as Pastor of the historic Wilson Temple UMC in Raleigh, NC. Previously, he served in various pastoral roles in diverse and multi-ethnic UMC congregations in Philadelphia and Chester, Pennsylvania; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; and Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina, and has planted a new faith community.

    In addition to the local church, he has held positions as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Eastern PA Annual Conference of the UMC; Special Assistant to the Dean in faith-based institutional leadership development; and Director of Student Life & Formation at Duke Divinity School.

    Chris is currently a PhD candidate in Family and Marriage Therapy with a focus on the intersectionality of mental health disparities, race, and race-based trauma, gender, and the African American religious experience.

  • Marisette Hasan, BSN, RN
    The Carolinas Center, South Carolina

    Mrs. Hansan, began her role as CEO and President of The Carolinas Center in 2018, following a career in healthcare and hospice. Marisette graduated from the University of South Carolina and began her career as oncology nurse in 1981. She soon discovered a love for caring for her patients in a holistic manner and throughout the continuum of their illness.  Marisette’s hospice experience began in 1985 and since then she has served in various roles, from hospice nurse to administrator with hospital programs and independent community programs. 

    Marisette serves as a Co-Investigator Community Expert for the PCORI grant “EQUAL ACP” led by Dr. Kimberly Johnson.  This grant seeks to learn more about what advance care planning education is beneficial for African Americans in helping them engage in conversations related to their end of life care needs


Accessibility Guidance

National Association of the Deaf COVID-19 Resources

Patient and institutional resources for medical communication for deaf or hard of hearing.

Confronting Disability Discrimination During the Pandemic

by Katie Savin & Laura Guidry-Grimes

COVID-19 Triage and Disability: What NOT To Do

by Joe Stramondo

Disablism In a Time of Pandemic: Some Things Don’t Change

by Jackie Leach Scully

Disabusing the Disability Critique of the New York State Task Force Report on Ventilator Allocation

by Joe Fins

Applying HHS’S Guidance for States and Health Care Providers on Avoiding Disability-Based Discrimination in Treatment Rationing

Guidance document for avoiding discrimination on the basis of disability

Institutional Resources and Guidance

Ethical Considerations: Care of the Critically Ill and Injured During Pandemics and Disasters

CHEST Consensus Statement

A deep dive into the ethical considerations to be taken while providing care during pandemic.

Allocation of Scarce Critical Care Resources During a Public Health Emergency

UW Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site

A kit of various sample policies and standards assembled by UW Medicine.

Duty To Plan: Health Care, Crisis Standards Of Care, And Novel Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2

Perspective article on hospital planning for COVID-19 triage.

What Us Hospitals Should Do Now To Prepare For A Covid-19 Pandemic

Guidance On Hospital Prep From The Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security

A Pragmatist’s Advice for Nursing Homes

Guidance to long term care providers on preparedness for COVID-19.

Advance Care Planning and Medical Decision Making Resources

Caring Conversations COVID-19 Tip Sheet

Some useful tips and resources for having Caring Conversations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CAPC COVID-19 Response Resources

Toolkit that addresses myriad palliative care issues in a time of COVID-19

COVID-19 Ready Communication -VitalTalk

Guidance to Clinicians in how to talk about difficult decision making

Working with Families Facing Undesired Outcomes (SWHPN)

Tip sheet for assisting families dealing with psycho-social concerns related to COVID-19 decision making


 Framework for Decision Making

Conversation Project - COVID-19 Resources

Specific questions for patients to consider if exposed to COVID-19

Respecting Choices –COVID-19

Proactive care planning and other resources in a time of COVID-19

Decision aid for patients considering life support at a time of COVID-19

Univ of CO. This DECISION AID addresses patient preferences regarding options about ventilator dependency.
(Not a medical order)


Specific Guidance from POLST(TPOPP) on executing Medical Orders or modifying existing medical orders due to COVID-19

Caring Conversations

Free advance care planning discussion guide and documents

CodaAlliance – Go Wish

Free online resource that facilities advance care planning while prioritizing patient preferences. 

Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Care Program COVID-19 Toolkit

Support for clinicians having difficult conversations with patients at high risk for serious complications of COVID-19.

Kansas & Missouri Guidance

State of Kansas Executive Order No. 20-26

Temporary relief from certain restrictions and requirements governing the provision of medical services

Missouri Hospital Association:

A Framework for Managing the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Implementing Crisis Standards of Care

Guidelines for the Use of Modified Health Care Protocols in Acute Care Hospitals During Public Health Emergencies

Other State Guidance

Minnesota department of health clinical guidance on triage: patient care strategies for scarce resource situations

  • Includes guidance for shortages of
    1) oxygen
    2) hemodynamic support
    3) ventilators
    4) ecmo among other resources.

Guidance on Ventilator Allocation

From New York state task force on life and the law, state department of health (2015): ventilator allocation guidelines

Other Ethics Resources

Health Ethics Considerations

Planning for and Responding to Pandemic Influenza in Missouri

In 2009, the Center for Practical Bioethics, in partnership with regional healthcare, research, and education institutions, wrote and published this guidance document for ethical planning for Pandemic Influenza. It contains timely insight for ethics committee members and others interested in preparing for and responding to pandemic illnesses.

Ethical Guidance for Disaster Response

Crisis Standards of Care: A Systematic Review

This review outlines the key ethics topics related to crisis standards of care (CSC) and provides a round-up of related literature.

Ethics Talk: COVID-19 Pandemic Response


A discussion of the ethical issues facing providers during a pandemic.

Care of the Critically Ill and Injured During Pandemics and Disasters


Supplemental audio interview for the CHEST publication.

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