Organ Transplantation


What Happens to Jesus If I Donate My Heart?
This talk aims to bridge faith and medicine, philosophy and theology, religion and culture, around the clinical context of organ donation and transplantation. Dr. Rosell makes special use of a 1944 book on "donor mutilation" by Fr. Bert Cunningham, who theologized and philosophized on early 20th century reports of successful ovarian transplants.
Terry Rosell and Caitlin Belt

Ethical Issues Related to Organ Donation after Cardiac Arrest
David Magnus, PhD, Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics

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Vol. 1 (1) Summer 1985

Organ Donation

Dialogue: Should hospitals be required to ask families to donate organs?
Arthur L. Caplan and Karen Ritchie

The Law: Organ and Brain Death
J. McFadden

Who Gets the Organs?
Jane Warmbrodt


Vol. 3 (1) Winter 1987

Patients' Rights and Organ Transplants

Book Review - The Cider House Rules by John Irving
Toni Blackwood

The Law -- The Brophy Case: Courts Support Self-Determination
Jim Stoddard

Who's First in Line? American Organs for Non-American Recipients
Jane Warmbrodt

Bioethics Programs for Churchs
Rena M. Yocom and Charles R. Holt




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