Genetics and Genomics

Do Our Genes Tell Us Who We Are?

In conjunction with a Center symposium, "Genetics: Jewish Diseases and Personalized Medicine," Jon Entine, American Enterprise Institute, discusses genetics in Jews and other racial populations, such as East Africans, and explains why studying subpopulations is important to understand human differences, isolate diseases, find cures and improve humanity. Entine explains why he believes the best way to do genetic research is to study subpopulations. He also discusses his book, Taboo, which explores the science behind African Americans' domination in sports. (Nov. 6, 2009)
John Entine, American Enterprise Institute

Frontiers: Transforming 300 Billion Points of Data

Lauren Aaronson, PhD and Richard Barohn, MD
The Frontiers Podcast (11:32 min)

Frontiers: A Bright Future for the Life Sciences

Atul Butte, MD
Frontiers Podcast (9:59 min)

Frontiers: Training a New Generation of Researchers

Wayne Carter
The Frontiers Podcast (7.34 min)

Frontiers: Innovative Approaches for Conducting Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Kelstan Lynch Ellis and Aaron Heller
The Frontiers Podcast (13.15 min)
Gary Rosenthal, MD

Can - or should - we redesign ourselves?

David Ewing Duncan, bestselling author and director of the Center for Life Science Policy at the University of California-Berkeley, discusses the intrigue of personalized medicine and the paradigm of healthy medicine now on the cusp of change. Encompassing issues of genes, the environment, the brain and how we tie it all together in the body begs the question, should we be looking inside ourselves to find out what may happen in the future? Prevention and custom care as it relates to our genetic make-up are questions pondered in this lecture presented in November 2009 at the Center's 2-day conference on Genetics, Jewish Diseases and Personalized Medicine.

Genomics, Biobanking & Privacy (16.02)

In this podcast, John Lantos, MD, director of the Bioethics Center at Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, sets the stage for many of the key issues that will be addressed at the Center's 2013 Fall Symposium on "Genomics & Learning Health Systems" on Nov. 8 at KU School of Nursing and eight remote locations. Dr. Lantos shares his perspective on the state of the science of genomic medicine, biobanking, big data and the ethical challenges they present, and low-risk, low-burden research and its importance in Learning Health Systems.

Your Genome - Big Data, Big Promise, Big Risk (11.31)

Barbara Atkinson, MD, discusses genomics, privacy and big data in Learning Health Systems from her perspective on the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

PCORI Perspectives on Pragmatic Research

Suzanne Schrandt, JD, Deputy Director for Patient Engagement at the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Washington, D.C., discusses PCORI¹s vision of patient engagement and its efforts to fund research that happens in typical care settings rather than in specialized research settings.


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