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Ambivalence about End of Life Planning and Assisted Suicide
In 2012, American Medical News reported two not wholly unrelated articles. One article was about the Supreme Court of Georgia striking down a law intended to prevent assisted suicide. The other article reported a survey in California that showed that 76% of patients neglect end of life planning but 86% believe it’s important to put end of life wishes in writing, and only 8% of patients remember being asked by physicians about their end of life wishes. John Carney, president and CEO of the Center, discusses the implications of the two stories. (February 29, 2012)


Vol 10 (4) - Spring 1994
The Missing Link: The Physician and Assisted Suicide (Amir Halevy)
Moral Dominion Over Dying: The Case for Mercy Death (Daniel C. Maguire)
Professional Integrity and Assisted Suicide: A Nursing View (Anne Young)
Reaping the Whirlwind: The Dutch Experience with Euthansia (Carlos F. Gomez)
Public Policy on Physician-Assisted Suicde: Reasons for Retaining the Ban (B. Andrew Lustig) 
Exploring Human Suffering: Why the Reluctance? (Thomas E. Quill) 
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