Pains Project

Giving voice to those who live with pain

PAINS-KC is recognized as one of the premier citizen leader advocacy groups in the country.

PAINS-KC offers a strong patient voice to help inform research and the development of patient-centered pain policy and educational programming and to help raise awareness of chronic pain in the KC metro area.

What does PAINS-KC do?

PAINS-KC Citizen Leaders participate in educational programs for healthcare professionals and those in training as well as the public. We also interact with policymakers, researchers, academic institutions and the media on a regular basis.

Public Engagement

  • Increase awareness and educate members of the Kansas City community about chronic pain as a disease via a public education/health literacy campaign
  • Participate in efforts to improve clinical treatment models for chronic pain
  • Advocate for access to comprehensive integrative pain management in the KC metro area, including alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, physical therapy, and physical exercise, behavioral health, etc.
  • Create an infrastructure to support the emotional needs of those living with chronic pain and their families

When and where does PAINS-KC we meet?

PAINS-KC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm at the KU CRC at 4350 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway, Kansas. We enjoy dinner together and work to advance a “cultural transformation in the way pain is perceived, judged and treated.”

Our Goals

  1. Advocate for complete implementation of the National Pain Strategy
  2. Educate and engage the media, public and policymakers about chronic pain
  3. Promote patient-centered comprehensive pain management

We Know …

Allowing people to suffer with unmanaged pain is immoral, unethical and can lead to permanent disability, depression and even suicide.

“Living with chronic pain is sort of like screaming and nothing coming out. You feel alone. My work with PAINS-KC has given me a voice. I am heard and I don’t have to scream. I am heard.”

PAINS-KC Citizen Leader

Want more information?

Contact Cindy Leyland at 816.979.1357 or

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