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Center staff teach bioethics in many contexts throughout the Kansas City region, nation and internationally. We teach courses, give lectures, lead workshops and webinars, serve as panelists, speak at conferences, and contribute to bioethics literature in numerous print and online publications.


Whether you seek to start a medical ethics committee, educate and strengthen an existing group, or implement a clinical ethics consultations service, medical ethics one-day workshops are a place to start.

Immersive medical ethics consultation workshops include interactive lectures and case discussions. Afterwards, participants will feel comfortable being able to identify clinical ethics issues, engage multiple members of the medical team, lead a clinical ethics consultation or meeting, document it properly in the patient chart, and improve committee structure and discussion.

Topics Could Cover
• Bringing awareness of ethical issues in patient care
• Refining the ethics process
• Consultant training
• Utilizing limited resources for ethics services effectively
• Documentation of consults


Bioethics Workshop
Ryan Pferdehirt
For information about medical ethics workshops:

Ryan Pferdehirt, D. Bioethics, HEC-C, Director of Membership and Ethics Education



The Center also provides bioethics education for medical students, clinicians and allied health professionals under arrangements with teaching institutions.

In recent decades, we have played significant roles in bioethics education at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) and Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU).

Kansas City University

Kansas City University

At Kansas City University, Center staff coordinated the medical ethics curriculum, including collaborating in founding its Department of Bioethics and M.A. in Bioethics degree program in 2007. Center staff serve as adjunct professors in KCU’s bioethics program, and the Center continues to mentor dual degree (D.O. and M.A. in Bioethics) students in clinical bioethics during 4th year clinical rotations.
University of Kansas Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center

At the University of Kansas Medical Center, the Center has been involved in ethics leadership, education and consultation for more than three decades. Currently, these services include teaching in the Department of History and Philosophy, co-directing the Clendening Summer Fellowship and research electives for medical students, serving as faculty mentor and principal investigator for student research projects, providing ethics education for physician residency and fellowship programs, co-chairing the Hospital Ethics Committee, and directing the hospital’s Ethics Consultation Service.
Tarris Rosell
For information about bioethics medical education and fellowships:

Tarris Rosell, PhD, DMin, Rosemary Flanigan Chair

(816) 979-1361


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