Video Interviews

Final Journeys: Brandon Hidaka

Final Journeys: Sam Meers

Final Journeys: Terrie & Richard Payne

Final Journeys: Myra Christopher

Final Journeys: Rita and John Carney

Final Journeys and the Importance of Advance Care Planning

Peter Whitehouse Discusses Alzheimers

Joanne Lynn, MD Discusses Health Policy

Judith R. Peres Discusses Advance Care Planning

Tarris Rosell, DMin, PhD Discusses Disaster Preparedness

The Role of Conscience in Medical Decisions

Summer McGee, PhD Discusses Public Health Ethics

Griffin Trotter, MD, PhD Discusses Catastrophies

Hyatt Hotel collapse in Kansas City in 1981

500 Year Flood

Michael Weaver, MD Discusses Disaster Ethics

The Cultural Politics of Disease

Do Our Genes Tell Us Who We Are?

Can We Redesign Ourselves?

Affordable Care Act

Neuroscience in the 21st Century

Center for Practical Bioethics

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