Learning Health Systems - State of the Science in Genomic Medicine

Patients as Teachers - Peggy Battin on the Patient in the Learning Health System

The Need for Fact-Based Pain Policy at the State and National Levels

Learning Health Systems - Panel Discussion: Ethical Challenges

Learning Health Systems - Cardiovascular Outcomes

The Impact of the Politics of Pain on Clinical Care

Learning Health Systems - Ethical Analysis of Privacy Concerns

Patients as Teachers - A Hospital Administrator's Perspective

Patients as Teachers - A Caregiver's Perspective on Patients as Teachers

Learning Health Systems - Overview

Patients as Teachers - What Did We Learn Today?

Patients as Teachers - Doctor and Patient Conversations

Patients as Teachers - A Clinician and Outcomes Researcher's Perspective

Patients as Teachers - The Moral Imperative to Build Learning Health Systems

Changing the Way Pain is Perceived, Judged and Treated

Introduction to Politics of Pain

Learning Health Systems - Panel Discussion on Genomic Medicine

Learning Health Systems - Response to Implications for Translational Research

How Future Doctors Think (2 of 2)

How Future Doctors Think (1 of 2)

Perspectives of People Living with Chronic Pain

Patients as Teachers: How to Capture Patient Stories

Chronic Pain - An Overview

Learning Health Systems - Panel Discussion on Ethical Challenges

Chronic Pain: Questions from the Audience

Learning Health Systems - Privacy Concerns in the Era of Genomic Medicine

Patents as Teachers - Frontiers' Pioneer Recruitment Registry

Learning Health Systems - Biobanking and Big Data

Patients as Teachers - Clinicians as Learners Panel

Patients as Teachers - Doctor and Patient Encounter

Learning Health Systems - Implications for Translational Research

The Politics of Pain

Learning Health Systems - Center for Practical Bioethics Response Panel

Patients as Teachers - A Patient Narrative

Learning Health Systems - What is Low-Risk, Low-Burden Research

Impact of Pain Politics on Underserved Populations

Center for Practical Bioethics

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