Compassion Sabbath

Compassion Sabbath

A program to improve the care of those in our community who are seriously ill and dying.

Compassion Sabbath is a program of the Center for Practical Bioethics begun in 1999 with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Dunn Family Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City, and Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.  More than 80,000 faith community leaders and members in hundreds of congregations were impacted by the initial roll-out of Compassion Sabbath.

Compassion Sabbath is an interfaith initiative that began in Greater Kansas City, but subsequently has been replicated and/or adapted for implementation in communities spanning two dozen states, including Metro Detroit, MI, LaCrosse, WI and Door County, WI. It is designed as an interfaith initiative to engage faith leaders, parish nurses and religious educators in proactively meeting the needs of the seriously ill, the dying, and their families.

Compassion Sabbath offers tools and resources for addressing the spiritual needs of these persons and advocates for the best clinical care available. Those available for FREE DOWNLOAD from this webpage include the following:

Compassion Sabbath

• a toolkit of resources for preaching and worship in many faith traditions (VIEW)

• adult education curricula for studying end of life issues and advance care planning (VIEW)

• a Caring Conversations workbook that includes advance directive forms (VIEW)

• a set of four brief articles that may be used on institutional websites, in newsletters, or as bulletin inserts for services of worship (VIEW)

• executive summaries reporting on several scientific surveys of faith community members and leaders (VIEW)

• sample brochures of Compassion Sabbath training events (VIEW)


For further information or consultation on Compassion Sabbath, please contact Tarris Rosell, PhD, DMin at or call the Center for Practical Bioethics at (816) 221-1100.



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